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ESP also known as the Engineered Solution Products Division of  Camellia Metal is a globally diversified manufacturing corporation. Camellia Metal is headquartered in Taiwan and operates vertically-integrated facilities throughout Taiwan and South East Asia.

Camellia Metal's origins in Cold Forged Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals propelled ESP's expertise in material technologies and planted its roots in supply chain efficiencies and lean mentality.

ESP was established to focus independently on Solutions Based OEM customers based in North America. 

CUSTOMER FOCUSED... like it's supposed to be
ESP is based on creating customer-based solutions and products.  We service our customers through dedicated Account Core Teams to keep our focus planted on each customer. 

Account Core Teams are fully self-sufficient teams that always put our customers first, breaking through traditional corporate barriers in making quick actions to do so.


ESP is a team-oriented company.  Each Team Member is critical to the success of our entire team, and we treat every singular task as a building block toward team goals.  ESP Culture is based on a relentless team drive for continuous improvement.  We believe that everything we do can be done faster, better, and with more reliability.  As a team, we define goals clearly, analyze every shortfall, plan improvements, execute meticulously, adjust accordingly, and always celebrate every minor success. 

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